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Annabel Karmel is one of the worlds most celebrated and trusted children's food experts. For her brand we have created many adverts, information pieces and online cookery shows

Annabel Karmel is a British celebrity chef, author and entrepreneur, known for her expertise in creating healthy and nutritious meals for children. Her brand has partnered with Tesco and Warburtons to create a line of convenient and healthy meals for families. The partnership with Tesco includes a range of ready-made meals and snacks, we were brought onboard to help define the video aesthetic, working closely with the team to translate the look from her books and package designs; creating mixed media videos taking in everything from 2D animation to stop motion work with meatballs (!). These collaborations have allowed Annabel Karmel to reach a wider audience and provide more convenient options for busy families looking for healthy meal options. The partnerships have also helped to increase the visibility of her brand and establish her as a trusted authority in the field of child nutrition.

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