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As part of an international team we worked with IBM making an award winning series covering the development of the  Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship

BRIEF   ---

The IBM Mayflower project is a collaboration between IBM and the Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS) project, aimed at developing advanced technologies that enabled the Mayflower to sail autonomously across the Atlantic Ocean in 2020, retracing the journey of the original Mayflower ship. The project aims to demonstrate the capabilities of autonomous systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) in challenging maritime environments. IBM's contribution to the project includes providing the ship with advanced analytics, weather forecasting, and decision-making capabilities, as well as a secure and reliable communication infrastructure. The project also includes an educational component, with IBM working with schools and universities to engage students in learning about autonomous systems and the maritime industry. We were part of the Corporate Content Awards gold winning team, working with production crews internationally to deliver an online series of the projects progress, in quite often extremely challenging weather conditions. 

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